Home Tweaking 🏡

I wanted a copper ceiling light to go with my beautiful copper kitchen tap from Francis Pegler but I couldn’t find a style in that shade that I liked. Instead I purchased this ceiling light from Pagazzi Lighting and spray painted it copper.

I had to prime the metal with a primer spray can. It took a few coats of the copper until I was happy and it’s included in my stories.

I’ve been giving my home a renovation with new flooring and I’m a very lucky gal because my dad has been putting it down for me.

The tv stand is also new and from Madedotcom

Loving the clean lines from my stairway recent refresh.

Paint used:

*Grey cabinet: Shade Gentlemen’s Club Trim.

*Black Banister: Shade Blackjack.

White walls: Brilliant White from Dulux

*From Frenchic Paint – see link in stories to these Chalk Paints. AD and commission earned.

I gave my chest of draws from Madedotcom a revamp by painting the draw pulls red. I primed the metal with a spray paint first and added three coats of the red paint I got from Amazon. The draw pulls are from HomeLuxCo

I still love the chest of draws but it’s worth noting that the top of the cabinet collects dust so bad!! It’s not as bad as a glass cabinet but still annoying.

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