Lamp Obsession

I love all things weird and wonderful, which includes this Pug lamp from TKMAXX.

The Pug lamp came with a plain white cone lamp shade. To upgrade this, I scoured the internet for the perfect lamp shade. I came across many beautiful shades from brands but they were either too pricy or their lamps were not available in the size needed.

Luckily I found a lampshade specialist brand called Premier Lampshades Ltd, they are also on Etsy.

Premier Lampshades Ltd is a UK brand that specialises in beautiful lampshades. They re based in Lancashire.

As mentioned before, I researched many brands and this one came out top. They have a huge variety of lampshade styles in different colors and finishes. Their prices are reasonable too. I went for the Rosso Red Fabric lampshade. I’m ever so pleased with it.

I spoke with Jenna from the brand to discuss the best type of shade for my particular lamp base and she gave me so much great advice – it’s likely I would have got the wrong type of shade otherwise. Thank you Jenna for your help.

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