Laundry Fragrance

I love my home fragrances, which includes Reed/electric diffusers and candles. I also love laundry fragrance.

One of my fave laundry fragrances is from The Laundress and Le Labo Fragrances. I got this direct from the Le Labo website and it has free delivery.

This is the Rose 31 scented detergent. This is available in other fragrances and I want to try them all.

As this is expensive, I only use this when I’m washing my bedding and it’s lasts a good while. Rose is one of my fave fragrances and this smells amazing. I have a number of bedding sets and I can still smell the fragrance when I get the clean bedding out weeks later.

This is a luxury item but it’s a lovely treat for yourself or a loved one that loves home fragrance. Personally, home fragrance really helps my mental health.

Please let me know of any brands that sell other great laundry fragrances.

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