Sunbeam Naturals

Sunbeam Naturals is a U.K. brand that specialises in 100% natural skincare with aromatherapy candles.

The brand is founded by two sisters 👯‍♀️ how lovely! The brand is named after their mum, who has experienced cancer twice but had been a constant Sunbeam.

A variety of products are available, which includes bath salts, whipped Crystal body butters and more. Products are made in small batches.

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Products shown are the Solis Body Scrub & Glow and the Moonlight aromatherapy soy wax candle.

The Solis Body Scrub & Glow is filled with uplifting bergamot, grapefruit, orange and spearmint. This is one of my fave every scrubs because it smells so good and ever so hydrating. My skin is very soft and hydrated after using it.

The Moonlight aromatherapy soy wax candle smells like lavender heaven. It’s almost too pretty to burn. The candle fills the room without being overpowering. I’ve noticed that the wax burbs slowly, which I prefer as it lasts longer. It’s a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. It also contains Neroli and Frankincense.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from the brand ♥️

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