Attention Foodies 💐

Please welcome Mode and Grace

Mode and Grace is UK brand that specializes in Artisan postal treats. Their products are handmade, unique and beautifully designed.

They offer a huge variety of belly treats, which includes Wild Berry & Chocolate Marble cake, Chocolate Orange Tiffin Slices and Vegan cakes.

Free delivery on orders over £50 and 10% off when you subscribe.

The product shown is their Floral Chocolate Brownies.

I still can’t get over how beautiful these brownies are. One might think they are too beautiful to eat but not me – I dived right in. They taste so so good. Nice and moist in the inside. They even got my mums sign of approval as she loved them. My mum has baked for years so she’s got high standards and isn’t afraid to say when she doesn’t like something. She enjoyed these too.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from Mode and Grace ♥️


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