Supporting Small Businesses At Christmas 🎄

These are my latest Christmas present recommendations🌲


I’ll be posting Christmas present recommendations leading up to the big day, with a focus on Small Businesses. If you have any recommendations for me, please feel free to tag me in posts.

During these difficult times it’s important to support the small businesses around us whether it’s spending money with them or following them or giving their posts some love etc.

Below is a rundown on the brands:

Christmas Cards: @ellamaestatham is a young designer . I was introduced to this wonderful brand via @live.thatglow and I had to purchased her set of Christmas cards. Link:

Body Scrub @chillandbloombotanics I was gifted this wonderful body scrub and I loved it so much that I purchase this. You can get a discount on this brand using code INFLUENCE25. Link:

Body Butter @kathysueanns This smells amazing and if you want the smoothest legs ever, get this. You can get a discount on this brand by using code 30SBA Link:

Christmas Candle @bearbaysoycandles You must know of my love for this brand by now. I’ve been gifted a number of candles and I’ve purchased many for myself and loved ones. Link:

Gold Bust Candles @nackt.candles The founder is a young woman and she’s lovely. I’m in ore when young women start businesses. These were a lovely purchase. Link:

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