Sophia Enjoy Thinking: Home Decor

Sophia Enjoy Thinking is a Greek brand that specialises in unique design items. Their products are to die for! Their style is a place where art flirts with design and eternity meets modernity.

A huge variety of products are available, which includes vases, bookends, lamps in the designs of Hermès, Artemis, Apollo and more. I drool over their products.

One of the great things of this brand is that they have so many designs and options of colors.

You can purchase directly from @sophia.enjoythinking or from @wolfandbadger

This beauty is the Hygeia Wall decor. Hygeia is the goddess of good health and serenity of mind — a welcome permanent guest in any home since, as Ancient Greek myth. She sits proudly in my hallway. This is handcrafted and hand-finished.

This come in other colors like blue, grey and white.

I was kindly gifted this for my review from @sophia.enjoythinking ♥️

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