How to find Japan in London 🇯🇵

At this time of the year I would normally go on holiday to Japan – I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms. I’ve had some free time so I decided to feed my Japanese fix in London.

I wanted to see if there was any fun places to visit that would bring me closer to Japan – and there is thank god!

The big Japan Craft store

Camden Market:
First up is Camden Market. This market has so many fun shops/stalls and plenty of places to eat and drink.

The small Japan Craft store
I purchased these three

This market has two Japan Craft stores. Japan Craft sells lots of Japanese/Asian action figures and the prices are reasonable. I purchased three good sized figures for around £25 each. They also sell products like snacks, Japanese dolls and books etc. it’s a great place.

There’s another Japanese gift shop from another company. The Japanese Craft Shop is my fave as it’s bigger with more choice.

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a Mooiemin shop too with plenty of plushes, Xmas decorations and more.

China Town:
I hadn’t been to China town in years and I think the last time was during a drinking sesh. It was nice to go there during the day. There’s lots of Chinese/Asian places to eat, supermarkets and gift shops too. The Chinese supermarkets sell Chinese and Japanese booze so I picked up some Japanese Plum wine – it’s the best thing ever. The prices of Japanese plum wine start from £15.

The Japanese beauty shop

There is a road that leads off China Town called Newport Court. This tiny road has lots of Japanese shops for gifts, beauty and food/snacks. The beauty shop is small but it has loads of products that include skincare, makeup, haircare and home products. It’s very overpriced compared to buying from Yes Style but worth a look. I was pleased to see many products I already had or tried previously.

The Sway Gallery:
This gallery was launched in October 2016 and it focuses on Japan. It has a mixture of Japanese art and gifts that include green tea, Japanese candles and more.

The artists featured either have roots in Japan or are inspired by Japanese tradition and arts.


I went to the pop up exhibition for an Japanese artist called SAKI&Bitches. I had stalked this artist online because I love her work and then I found out that she was promoting her work at this gallery. I was lucky enough to actually meet the artist – it made my day.

When I met the artist – she’s lovely

The gallery is small but it packs a punch as it has lots of beautiful Japanese products and you feel closer to Japan.

Going to these places isn’t like the full Japanese experience as you’d need to go there to get it, but it does give you a Japanese fix ♥️

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