Quirky Japanese Candles

During my trips to Japan, I’ve been collecting the cutest Japanese candles.

The most common types are the candles that look like types of food. The ones I’ve come across haven’t had any fragrance but that’s ok because they are just the cutest.

You have to search for these and generally they are in shops that sell homeware along with products like bowls and chop sticks.

They also come in protective packaging so you’ll be able to transport them securely.

Generally they cost around £5 in Japan.

I’ve recently learnt they are called Kameyama Candles. Japan has a custom of offering items to Buddha altars and this was usually the deceased’s favorite food. As food would go bad after awhile, the idea of a candle version was born. The brand Kameyama Candles decided to create candles in types of foods – this was popular because these were the deceases favorite foods.

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