Khali Min Haircare Continued

Haircare is just as important as skincare to me.

I’ve been lucky enough to try @khali.min newest haircare product, which is their Clean Cream leave-in conditioner. This treatment helps to soften, hydrate, de tangle and protect hair against dryness and breakage.

Key ingredients include Rosehip Fruit Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Murumuru Butter and Aloe.

Recap on brand:

@khali.min is a UK haircare brand that blends the beauties of Egyptian and British together.

Khali Min means ‘free from’ in Arabic. Their brand is cruelty free vegan, and clean. All packaging, including shipping material is recyclable. Most importantly, it’s led by women 💁‍♀️

My hair type is dry with some damage (bleaching).

This smells incredible and I adore the packaging for it – it’s just so cool. I apply this to the length of my damp hair and it instantly hydrates my dry ends. This is a lovely addition to my haircare routine. Khali Min is such a wonderful brand.

I’ve previously reviewed the @khali.min hair repair oil, which is a pre-shampoo treatment and you can use it for flyaways – it’s great. My hair type is dry due to bleaching and my hair gets super dry when I’m sorting out my roots. I’ve recently discovered a hack to keeping my hair soft during the bleaching process. I drench my hair in this oil the night before and then I apply the hair dye to it. I was concerned that the colour wouldn’t be even etc because of the hair oil but it was fine. My hair was super soft after bleaching.

Just to be clear – the hair oil smells so so good but it may make your hair look greasy depending on how much you apply.

Both products kindly gifted from the brand ♥️

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