Kalmar Official

Kalmar Official is a brand that focuses on wellbeing products and resort wear.

They offer a huge range of products, which includes Jewellery, Bikinis to body care. Their wellness range comes in four collections, which is Calm, Joy, Peace and Love.

The brand is currently offering a candle from their Joy range with every purchase – just add the Joy candle in your cart.

The products shown are from their Love range, and include the Love Candle, Love Bath Oil and Love Body Cream.

The fragrance of the Love range includes Bergamot, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Musk and Vanilla.

Love Candle

Review ✨
You can immediately tell the quality of the wax because it burns down well. This smells wonderful and I’ve been taking my time burning it because I love it.

Love Bath Oil

I adore bath oils. I really like the packaging for this as it’s easy to store from being slim. It smells wonderful and no residue is left on my bath from using it. My skin feels super soft fro it.

Love Body Cream

I’m a sucker for body cream and this is a fave. It’s a nice thick cream that sinks in well. Just love the packaging too. The fragrance is so lovely! I keep sniffing myself with this on.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from @kalmar_official ♥️

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