Elemental Herbology

Elemental Herbology is a UK brand that specializes in natural skin and body care, which is based on the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The brand also focuses on Wellbeing.

On the brands website, you can work out which element you are and then luck the appropriate products for your element type. We all have different needs so you could combine if needed.

You can get a 15% discount by using code 30_something_beauty_addict

Sooth Aromatherapy Water Candle

I am a water baby and so I was so pleased to get this! I was alternating using this in my home office and by my bed. It’s a unwinding candle.

Oil Control Cleanser

The pump is great because you can control how much to use. A little goes a long way. The lavender fragrance is lovely. It doesn’t dry out my skin and I get a nice glow.

Age Support Bio-Cellular Matrix Serum

Love love love this serum. It goes well with layering my other serums. My face looks all glowy with this.

Moisture Replenish Facial Soufflé

One of my fave night creams. It does feel very light in texture but it’s hydrating. My skin looks nice and plump the next day.

Macadamia and Papaya Radiance Body Scrub

This is to be applied on dry skin and left on for 2 mins. This took a little time to get used to because I normally use body scrubs while I’m in the bath/shower. It is very hydrating and my skin feels lovely. I still add body cream after as I’m a dry skin type.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from the brand ♥️

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