The Muses Candles 🌲

The Muses is a luxury UK brand that specializes in natural candles with sustainable design.

The candle containers are made with pure brass, which means they can be up cycled or recycled. Even the packaging including shipping material is fully recyclable. In addition to this, the brand plants a tree for every candle sold ♻️

You can purchase the candles direct from @themuseslondon and discounts are available for referrals and subscriptions. Alternatively you can purchase from @iamfy @wolfandbadger @wearetrouva

The candle shown is called Tonic, which is a uplifting candle.

Sweet, peppery basil – hot, spicy cloves – refreshing, chilled citrus peel – the green sharpness of tomato leaf – creamy, woody sandalwood.

First off, I love the brass packaging – it’s just so boujee. It’s so nice & shiny. This is one of those candles that don’t need to be lit for you to smell the fragrance. You can sit it on the side & enjoy the scent without lighting it up. I love to get a big sniff of it because it’s so lovely.

I would happily purchase this and it would be a lovely gift for a loved one.

I was kindly gifted this for my review from @themuseslondon ♥️

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