Genderless Skincare

Gruum is a Gender neutral brand for all ages while being affordable too.

Recently launched their first plastic free products and they have teamed up with Plastic Bank to become a plastic neutral brand – For every product they sell, Plastic Bank will collect at least two plastic bottles from the environment, preventing them from polluting the ocean ♻️

The brand has launched the UK’s first razor cartridge recycling scheme for their customers.

They are also offering 50% off for every Emergency worker 🚨

Products shown:

Danne Clear Shave Gel

This spreads over the skin easily. It has a pleasant fragrance and it didn’t cause any irritation.


This glides over the skin well. I love that it has my initials on it. This is a fave.

Gosta Facial Tonic

The tonic is in spray form. It’s a nice addition to my skincare routine and my face feels refreshed when using it.

Har Nourishing Solid Shampoo Bar

The bar lathers up well when wet. I enjoyed using this.

Lada Tin (shampoo carry tin)

Love this handy little tin for my shampoo bar. It’s a sturdy little tin.

Kare Daily Moisturiser

This cream makes my skin soft. I still need my face oils etc but this is a nice addition.

Forsvar 60% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

You only need a little of this and it covers the hands nicely.

I absolutely love that the products are genderless – Non of that ‘pink tax’ is applied. The packaging is great too as it’s compact.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from @gruum_hq ♥️

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