Chic Wallpaper

I’ve been decorating at home, which has involved lots of painting and some wallpapering. My eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of wallpaper 😍

May I introduce you to my living room feature wall, which is the Matt Black Crocodile Skin Effect wallpaper. This comes in other shades, which includes black & gold, Matt white and more.

This wallpaper is from UK brand which offers a huge variety of beautiful wallpapers. The designs of wallpaper include Brick, Concrete, Florals, Palms trees, Feathers and many more.

The texture of the wallpaper is soft to the touch and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately I am not yet gifted with the ability to put up wallpaper and so my mum stepped in. It was a little tricky to line up the print in the strips due to the dark color but it was totally worth it – no pain no gain. Some art work has gone on the walls and the holes are hidden very well because of the style of the print. Next I’ll be decorating my bedroom and I would happily purchase from

I was kindly gifted the wallpaper for my review from ♥️

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