Ardour Apothecary

I’ve been lucky enough to try more products from @ardourapothecary 🥰

Recap on brand:

Ardour Apothecary is a UK brand that specialises in home scents, which includes Wax Melts, Shower Dust, Room Mists, Floor fragrance and more. They offer a range of fragrances from Creed to Sage & Sea Salt. The laundry fragrance is amazing! I’ve purchased it numerous times.

The brand has released a bath bomb advent calendar 🎄 Selected individual bath bombs are on offer at the moment.

Products shown

Bath Bombs: Snow Angel, Breakfast Juice, Creedence and Afternoon Tea.

I love bath bombs & they feature heavily in my selfcare. These bath bombs look so cool & I get a Harry Potter vibe from them. They all smelt great and my fave was the pink Snow Angel bath bomb. I didn’t notice any bath staining too.

Bubble Truffle: Snow Angle, Breakfast Juice and Afternoon Tea.

The texture is chalky and crumbly. They melt in the water well. I used half a bubble truffle each time. It feels like a spa experience because wonderful aroma. All there smelt amazing and my fave was the Breakfast Juice.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from the brand ♥️

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