Studio Botanicals 🌱

Studio Botanic specialises in Vegan natural cosmetics.

A high number of products are available, which includes hand soap, lip balms, face serums and more.

Hand Cream
Key ingredients: Avacado Oil, Vegan Wax and Citrus Extracts.

Loved this. It sinks into my hands well. It’s hydrating without being greasy.

Face Serum
Key ingredients: Vegan HA, Hemp and Cucumber Extract.

Loved this too. It has a fresh cucumber scent to it and has a calming feel to it. It dries quickly and I can easily layer other serums with this.

Eye Cream
Key ingredients: Pomegranate seed oil, cucumber extract and rosehip seed oil.

I also loved this. It’s summer in the U.K. and it’s a great day or night eye cream. Not sure if it will be enough for colder months but it’s great in these warmer months.

Overall – I can’t fault this brand. Loved the products and the packaging is gawg.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from the brand ♥️

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