Charme D Orient Paris Skincare

Charme D Orient Paris is a natural skincare brand that presents authentic rituals from Oriental culture.

Products shown:

Eye Contour Serum with Argan Oil
This sinks in well around my eyes – me like this.

Shaving Cream
Very hydrating shaving cream as it doesn’t dry out the skin. It has a pleasant smell that isn’t overpowering.

Liquid Soap
This reminds me of hand soaps from when I was younger. It’s a classic hand wash.

Distilled Rose Water
I’m a sucker for anything rose. It refreshes my face & my senses.

Distilled Orange Blossom Water
I wasn’t over keen on the fragrance however it refreshed my face.

Perfumed Shea Butter – Orange Blossom
I love Shea butter. This is a great size to carry around for when you have surprise dry patches like on your hands. It hydrates very well.

Musk Scented Candle
Candles are my weakness. I love the color of the wax and it smells great.

Fruits Shower Gel
This is nice & thick. It smells like a lovely expensive shower gel.

Fleurs Body Milk
I wasn’t overly keen on the scent of this however the quality is great. It sinks into my skin well & does not leave my skin greasy.

I was very kindly gifted these from the brand for my review ♥️

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