Summer Glow ✨

Melanie Mills Hollywood is an US brand that specialises in skincare products that give you a glow instantly.

The brand has recently launched in the UK and you can get money off with code ‘Kirsty’ The brand is appearing on QVC.

My lil art work of the six shades available

Products are cruelty free and vegan 🐰 They offer a variety of products from setting sprays, to face & body brushes. The brand screams Glam!

I’ve had the honour of trying the two travel size ranges so that I get all of the shades. These can be added to face, body, used as a primer etc. They are moisturising & can be mixed in with primers etc.

Gleam on the Glow: Glow Girl
-Disco Gold
-Peach Delux

Gleam on the Glow: Gleam Girl
-Rose Gold
-Bronze Gold
-Deep Delux

Face & body brush

I had wrongly assumed that the lighter shades would suit my fair skin better. I could simply add a little or a lot to my primer. It’s good that you can build on the color. They kept my face hydrated. It took 5-10mins for my face to dry enough before I added further makeup. The color looks more stronger when first applied it but it calms down as it starts to dry. The brush is a good size for face & body. It’s super soft too.

A rundown on how I got on with the shades:

-Opalescent: Very light. May be more suited for darker skin tones.
-Disco Gold: Very sparkly. Looks great on body.
-Peach Delux: This was ok.
-Rose Gold: Really liked this.
-Bronze Gold: Bit too dark for my skin tone.
-Deep Delux: Really liked this one too.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from the brand ♥️

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