Monpure London

Monpure London is a UK brand that specialises in Clean Haircare. The brand launched earlier this year.

The products are clinically tested, natural, vegan and cruelty free. Monpure focuses on the Scalp, as that is the heart of haircare. Did you know that studies have shown that scalp ages just as fast as the skin on your face? I only recently learnt that myself.

On the Monpure website you can shop via your hair concern. Although the brand is new, they have already released six products, which includes Strengthening Essence Conditioner and Clarifying Scrub Scalp.

Products shown:

Nourish & Stimulate Scalp Mask
This is to be used 1-2 a week on the scalp and to be added to damp hair and scalp.
Key components are: Aloe Vera, Camellia Tea Oil and Silk Peptides. This claims to help improved scalp health, to promote stronger and healthier hair, and also soothe, hydrate and relieve itchiness.

Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum

This is to be used daily on the scalp and to be added to dry or towel dry hair. It claims to help promote fuller, thicker hair.
Key components are: AHAs, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Retinol.

Review ✨

Although I don’t have scalp concerns, I do believe in looking after your scalp. I use styling products, bleach my hair and so it’s good to look after your scalp.

I’ve been using these for a number of weeks and I noticed a difference within a couple of weeks. After using these products my scalp and hair especially around the scalp, it’s so soft. I wouldn’t say my hair is thicker yet but it makes my scalp so soft. I didn’t realize how much I like a soft scalp. It makes my hair feel fresh.

I hope as kindly gifted these for my review from the brand ♥️

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