Juva Skincare

Juva Skincare is a brand that specialises in antioxidant skincare.

The main ingredient in Juva Skincare products is Fullerene, which is an antioxidant. This skincare collection aims to brighten your skin.

Products shown:

  • Brightening Lotion
  • Brightening Facial Jelly
  • Brightening Essence
  • Brightening Enhancer

Brightening Lotion: This was lovely and creamy. It worked well with the Brightening Essence. This smelt amazing.

Brightening Facial Jelly: This felt a little drying on the skin but it may be my skin type. It felt like it didn’t sink in well.

Brightening Essence: This was my favorite out of the collection. It smelt insanely gorgeous. This was a very watery texture, which dried quickly on my skin. It made my skin feel really smooth.

Brightening Enhancer: This was also a watery texture, which sunk into my skin well. It smelt divine. This one took a good week for me to see a difference of smoother skin.

I was kindly gifted these from the brand for my review ♥️

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