L’OR DU MARCO Skincare

L’OR DU MARCO is a skincare brand that specializes in Moroccan beauty secrets…

Their products have been featured in British Vogue, Tatler Magazine Glamour UK and more.

The purest and most sustainable Argan Oil right from its source in the hilly southern region of Sous, Morocco is used. Each purchase of L’OR DU MAROC product helps sustain and enrich the way of life of the hard-working women of the Moroccan Atlas tribes. World Wide deliver is available.

Argan Face Oil
Made from the purest form of Argan oil, which is from the Argania Spinosa fruit tree and a guarded secret of the Berber Tribes native to Central and Southern Morocco.
Argan Oil is known for being rich in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin A and C, linoleic acid, and antioxidants.

Argan Ghassoul
Made from volcanic clays of the Atlas Mountains and Argan oil.
Ghassoul is known to help helps with removal of blackheads, fights acnes, softens skin and hair, brings shine, improves elasticity and tones, tightens pores, illuminates the complexion, and purifies your face.

I adore the Argan Face Oil as it’s very hydrating. One might think that Argan Oil could clog pores but I haven’t experienced that issue. I’m loving the packaging of the oil. It sits proudly in my bathroom. I used the Argan Ghassoul on my hair and it was somewhat drying but to be fair, my hair type is colored and dry. I would expect this to suit non-colored hair types.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from the brand for my review ♥️

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