Dewy and Bae

Emerald Green is one of my favorite colours so I’ve been wanting to try this Raw Glow oil serum for long time 😻

Dewy and Bae is an Australian brand that ships world wide. As seen in Life & Style, Geeky Posh and The Style Contour.

This is the Raw Glow is a facial oil serum, which is a protection against external stressors. It claims to rebalance sebum production to clear the skin, retain moisture (without blocking pores) calm & aid the skin blemishes. This can be used by sensitive skin types.

It contains pure plant oils, antioxidants, Vitamins & CoQ10. All ingredients used are for a purpose.

Review ⚡️
My skin is definitely clearer from using this and it adds a soft glow. The oil serum sinks into my skin well. It does have a distinctive smell but I expect this with sensitive skin products and it goes away quickly. I have enjoyed using this.

I was kindly gifted this for my review from the brand ♥️

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