Ding Dong Bath Lovers 🛀

This is the wonderful bath oil from Olverum.

Olverum was created in 1931 and they offer a variety of products from body oils to bath oil. You can purchase directly from Olverum or from various retailers like SpaceNK, FeelUnique, Bath & Unwind.

This is the aromatic Bath Oil, which is made from Siberian fir needle, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. It claims to not leave a oily residue on the bath and to relax muscles.

The bath oil is highly concentrated and so you only need half a capful per bath. The blend of essential oils are to help you relax and de-stress you.

It smells heavenly and it Instantly makes me feel more chilled. You pop it in your bath and it fills the bathroom with the wonderful scent. It even fills my hallway leading from the bathroom. My skin is very soft when using this. I was sceptical as to wether it wouldn’t leave bath scum and I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t – big win from me. Would I purchase? Damn right I would and I would also get one for my mum. And can we just appreciate that shade of green and the glass packaging?

I was kindly gifted this from the brand for my review ♥️

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