Cerave Beauties 💓

I was lucky enough to try these @cerave beauties ♥️

Moisturising Cream
Review ✨
This is a fabulous body cream. I loved slapping it all over 😉 It’s winter here in the UK & I have dry skin. This Leif my body hydrated well.

Reparative Hand Cream
Review ✨
This kept my hands nicely hydrated. The real test was while I was at work because of the aircon etc.

Facial Moisture Lotion
Review ✨
This didn’t quite keep my face fully hydrated but it may be because of the Winter season.

Eye Repair Cream
Review ✨
This is a nice eye cream. My under eyes felt hydrated.

Foaming Cleanser
Review ✨
My face feels super clean with this, which I like. My face feels a little on the dry side though.

I was kindly gifted these my review from Cerave. You can purchase these from a high number of shops, which include Boots and Superdrug.

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