Ding Dong Review Time 🔔

@indeedlabs Serum
Review ✨
This serum feels so silky on my skin & it’s very hydrating.

@indeedlabs 10balm Body Lotion
Review ✨
I love a good body lotion and this does the job. It’s a really thick cream, that sinks in nicely. It got rid of my dry patches after a couple of days.

@indeedlabs Bakuchiol Reface Pads
Review ✨
I’m half way through the pack and the pads are still very moist and full of product. I haven’t seen any difference to my fine lines but my skin seems smoother & less clogged.

@ritualscosmetics Body Scrub
Review ✨
This smells heavenly. It leaves my skin smooth and soft. I can smell it on my skin hours later.
@polaar Northern Lights Soothing Fluid.

Review ✨
I’ve tried that brand before and I heart it. This cream feels really silky on my skin. It’s not too thick or thin – it’s just right. My makeup sits nicely on this.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from @buxandbewl @indeedlabs @ritualscosmetics @polaar ♥️

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