Rescue Hair Oil 💁‍♀️

@khali.min is a UK haircare brand that blends the beauties of Egyptian and British together. Khali Min means ‘free from’ in Arabic. Their brand is cruelty free vegan, and clean. All packaging, including shipping material is recyclable. Most importantly, it’s led by women. Come on the girls 💪

This hair Rescue Oil treatment is a pre shampoo treatment. It is made in the UK and it incorporates Egyptian ingredients, which include Macadamia, Hibiscus, and Egyptian Jojoba. It’s the first product from the brand and the second addition is coming soon.

You have three choices of use, which are: Apply to the ends of dry hair to smooth ends like a standard hair oil, apply to dry hair and scalp for at least 20 mins or leave on overnight*. Then simply shampoo & condition your hair. *Treatment recommended if you’ve colored your hair.


I tried all three options. The oil consistency is medium, which I like because it’s not too lightweight. The scent is light and it’s floral – it’s a beautiful scent.

It immediately smoothes the ends of my hair well & you don’t need a lot. I have used this twice overnight so far because I have dry hair. It absorbed into my hair quite quickly, which is good because you don’t want greasy looking hair, even if it’s overnight. I used a towel on my pillows because of the oil & hardly any of the product was on the towel in the morning. The oil washes out easily. The first thing I noticed was that I had less flyaway ends. Since using this, I’m using less hair oil on my non hair wash days. The top half of my hair was quite dry but from one overnight treatment, my hair was softer. It was even softer from the second treatment. I have also experienced the shorter treatment, and I left it in for 30mins. Again, my hair is super soft.
This rescue hair oil a a big winner – I would happy repurchase this. I look forward to using this beauty. And I’m excited to see what other products come from @khali.min

I was kindly gifted this for my review from @khali.min ♥️

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