Polaar Skincare 🐻

Say hello to @polaar_uk 👋

I first learnt of this wonderful brand via my @lookfantastic subscription box. They offer a range of skincare products. You can filter your skin type and needs to pick the right products for you on their website.

Northern Light Smoothing Cream ✨

Siberian Olive is a key ingredient in this cream, which holds Vitamin C, provitamin A and Vitamin C. It’s so potent, that it has 30 times more vitamin C than oranges 🍊
This is an anti-pollution cream, that claims to give you a radiant complexion, nourished skin and a refined skin texture.
Review: I have been using this for a number of weeks as a day cream. I can happily admit that o love this cream. It’s been keeping my skin very hydrated during the day and this has been in climates of warm weather and also cold. It sinks in well and my skin is brighter – it’s a keeper.
Ice Source: Skin quenching hydrating mask ✨

Glacier water is a key ingredient in this mask, which contains minerals, which help strengthen the skins natural defences.
This 10 minute mask claims to hydrate the skin and refresh the skin.
Review: I have been using this mask after my weekly peels and when my skin needs a pick me up. I really enjoy using this mask as it hydrates my skin very well.

The Genuine Lapland Cream ✨

Three Arctic berries are the key ingredients, which are Arctic raspberries, cranberries and blackberries. Shea butter and sweet almond oils are also included.
This cream can be used on the face or sensitive areas.
Review: This is a wonderfully thick cream that I’ve been using in the evenings. I’m likely to be using this during the day once it gets even colder. It takes a little while for the cream to fully sink in but that’s to be expected with heavier creams. My skin feels hydrated the next morning.
I thoroughly enjoy using all three products and I would happily repurchase.

I was kindly gifted these for my review from @polaar_uk ♥️

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