The Art of Skincare

I spend more time on my skincare routine compared to makeup. I’m quite happy with that approach.

Sometimes the order of what to apply, can be confusing but I’m about to sort that problem out.

First up is cleanser. Simply wash your face with your standard face wash. I adore oil cleansers, like the Muji oil cleanser.

Next up is to tone the skin. This is to seal the pores and to lock in moisture. I’m currently using a lovely rose toner from the Body Shop. Add the toner & wait approx 30 secs before moving on to the next stage. If you don’t have a toner and you’re desperate, splash your face with cold water to close your pores.

Next is the serum stage. You can get so so many different types of serums. They can add glow, hydration, anti-aging etc. I have many and I switch them up depending on my skin needs. Ideally you need to wait 30 secs before moving on to the next stage. And you can potentially add layers of serum.

This stage is my favorite… the oils. Again, oils can provide lots of benefits for example hydration, detox etc. I have dry skin so I always need the oil and this is for all seasons.

You have the option of leaving it there or you can add face cream. I usually add cream and I wouldn’t have just oil for during the day because my skin would look too shiny. It’s fine for the evening though, when I’m chilling with the cats.

Just to summarise; Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Oil and the cream, including eye cream.

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