It’s YunaMis Time 🌸

@yunamisskincare is a natural US skincare brand. I regularly drool over all of their products 🤤 

Fun facts:

– YunaMis products can only be purchased direct from YunaMis ❤️

– Cruelty free 🐇.

– They specialize in plant-based skincare products.

– Made in the USA 🇺🇸

– Ships Internationally 🌍

– They offer a variety of products from face serums to Mermaid bath salts 🧜‍♀️

Ginseng face serum 

Key ingredients:

Organic Plant Roots such as Purple Ginseng, Purple carrot, Acai Stem Cells, and organic Chia Seed Oil. 


This product claims to revititise the skin in fatigued & dull skin, combats sebum, enhances skin’s radiance, and softens fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing & hydrating deep into the skin.

Review ✨

I like that you have to shake the bottle before opening, to mix the ingredients. The serum feels so luxurious on the skin and it sinks in nicely. It’s a very hydrating serum & my skin looks & feels healthy.

Blue face oil 

Key ingredients:

Organic Marula oil, Blue lotus, Jojoba, Manula, Abyssinian, and Rose Hip oil. 


This claims to calm irritate skin, combat acne-causing bacteria and plump the skin. 


I little gods a long way with this oil. I easily switch this to my day or night, and it’s hydrating enough to cover both routines. I’ve had no breakouts with this oil and it smells lovely & spa like.

Rose Berry face mist 

Key ingredients: 

Rose water, elderberry, mulberry, Dandelion and Burdock extract.


This claims to moisturise the skin & restore, balance the skins PH, soothe irritated skin, tighten and minimise pores. 

Review ✨

This smells heavenly and freshens you my face well. I haven’t seen any difference to my pores yet however I would expect that after longer use.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of these products and would happily repurchase all of them and more from the brand. 

I was kindly gifted these beauties from @yunamisskincare for my review ♥️

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