The Lumen Vitae Skincare Review Part 2 ✨

Lumen Vitae Skincare is a skincare brand based in the UK @lumenvitaeskincare

Ray of Light Day Cream:

This cream claims to hydrate and replenish the skin throughout the day. 

Key ingredients: 

Fagus sylvatica (tree extract) Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium carrageenan (red seaweed) and Chlorella Vulgaris (algae found in water).

Review ✨

This is a lovely day cream, that sinks into the skin nicely. It’s not too heavy and it’s lovely.

Moonlight Night Cream: 

This cream claims to reduce wrinkles, fight blemishes, smooths the skin and removes dead skins for brighter skin.

Key ingredients: Glycolic acid, Melissa officinalis water (lemon balm), Geranium Bourbon essential oil and Ho Wood essential oil. 

Review ✨

This night cream sinks into the skin nicely and it’s hydrated overnight well. I haven’t noticed any difference to fine lines however I would expect that with longer use. My face looks fresh in the mornings.

I was kindly gifted these products for my review from @lumenvitaeskincare

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