The PMD Clean Pro Review ✨

The PMD Clean Pro @pmdbeauty is a device that elevates your skincare routine and it has two key elements – to help clean deeply and to massage. And it’s Bootiful 😍 Check out the rose gold. It’s also available in other colours.

Cleaning – It helps breakdown dirt and oil. The bristles are made from antibacterial silicon.

Massage – The heated massage side helps your skin absorb skincare better.

I’ve been using this for nearly two weeks and it’s a lovely edition to my skincare routine. It’s one of those products that you don’t need but it’s a lovely treat for yourself. The cleansing side is especially good if you wear a lot of makeup. I really like the heated massage side. I use this when I’m applying face oils so that they sink in quicker.

I was kindly gifted this for my review from @currentbody For 10% off this device via @currentbody use discount code BEAUTY10

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