Green Tea Skincare

I have been lucky enough to review two wonderful Green Tea face masks from The Green Tea Goddess.


The Green Tea Goddess is a UK brand that uses Japanese ingredients to make wonderful skincare face masks. You can also purchase green tea to drink.

Fun facts 💫

– The brand founder is a lovely lady called Maxine 👑

– 5% of the brands profits are donated to mental health charities 💪

– The masks are made with an ancient Japanese beauty secret ingredient 🇯🇵 – More products are to come in the future 😻

– The green tea is sourced from a family run organic green tea farm in Uji, Kyoto in Japan ♥️

– They also offer Green Tea, which is certified organic, i.e. no pesticides or chemicals are used 🍵

First up is the Brightening mask Organic Matcha Tea Mask. I heart this mask so so much. It adds instant brightening to the skin. The colour of the mask is bright green – think Hulk shade.


– Add a level scoop of the mask to a bowl and add water until the mask is a paste texture.

– Pop the mask on your face for 20 mins or until dry.

Next up is the Organic Matcha Tea with Banana and Honey Mask – this is the newest edition to the range. Again this is a brightening mask but it also hydrates the skin.

I used this when I was hungover & my skin was dehydrated and it didn’t disappoint. My skin was brighter & it looked like I’d never even entertained a hangover.

I love both of these masks. And I’ve even purchased the original brightening Organic Matcha Tea masks.

To buy these masks yourself, go check out their website

Products gifted for my review ♥️

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