The Glow Up

Fake it until you make it

You may have nailed your skincare routine but it’s hard to keep up the glow 247.

The below beauties are easy cheats to getting an immediate glow.

These beauties are my secret weapons to a fake glow. You know what it’s like, by the end of a work day your skin may need a little pick me up. And these are multi use too. 

Nuxe oil @nuxe_uk – smells good and instantly adds a glow to your legs etc.

  Bybi Babe Balm @bybibeauty – Balm for the lips & moisturised glow to the cheeks.

Valjean Labs Glow Mist @valjeanlabs – Instantly adds a fab glow in two sprays.

Iconic setting spray – Adds a bronzer glow while setting makeup. Bybi Bronze Babe Balm @bybibeauty – Adds a subtle bronzed glow while moisturising.

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