Face Sheet Mask Lovers πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Hands up if you love a face sheet mask βœ‹ Me tooo!

I have recently been trying Vitamasque face sheet masks and I have been very pleased. I ordered some online and got a pretty sweet deal, half price for all of my order! Don’t be jel.

Just look at them…. my Look Fantastic beauty box introduced me to this brand. TKMAXX also sells these.

If you are a face sheet mask lover, you will understand the pain of your hair sticking to it and the mask flopping off your face. Have no fear, there is a solution to this pain…

May I introduce you to the silicon face mask. This can be worn alone in the bath to steam your face or you can hold your face sheet mask in place with it – win win!

I bought mine in Japan for around a quid from a shop called Daiso aka the Japanese pound shop. You can also order this online from Yes Style and eBay etc. One of these masks lasted me a good 2 years and it was so so cheap!

The mask comes in white, pink and blue.

Happy masking!

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