World Meet My Three Legged Cat Ninja

Ninja is a rescue cat, from Iran. I’ve had her since she was around a year old. Is having a three legged cat difficult you might ask? Well hell no it’s not although she is quite naughty.

The rescue centre believes she was either abused or involved in an accident. They tried to save her front leg, which included a skin graft – I did not know that did this for cats! Bloody glad they do. Anywho, they couldn’t save it so they had to amputate it ๐Ÿ™ Don’t get all sad from this, she’s a very happy cat.

I had to introduce her to my other bundle of joy, Georgie – another rescue cat. That was a bit of a nightmare because they didn’t want to share me.

George is a beaut. She’s very calm and loving. Just look how gawgggeoys she is ๐Ÿ˜

Now Ninja is very loving but ever so naughty. I love all animals and pets but cats hold a special place in my heart because they are funny with their different personalities.

Take Ninja for example, if something’s in her way, she will remove it despite having three legs. I’ve lost so so many plant pots etc. she even destroyed my Mexican skulls that were directly from Mexico. Although it’s annoying when my stuff is shattered, I would pick her over any items. That’s the life of a cat mum.

Ninja is my mini alarm in the mornings. No matter what day it is (think weekends and bank holidays) she will wake me up a number of ways like sitting on my bladder (first thing that’s not good), sit on my hair, lick my eyelids open, sit across my back. She also likes to get on my beds headboard and jump on my back. Her last resort to get me up, is to start knocking over my belongings. That’s when I get up and I admit my defeat. Cats are so cleaver ๐Ÿ˜‚

If you’re considering getting a three legged cat and worry about how to care, don’t worry. They are very resilient creatures. Ninja jumps at great heights, runs and is a perfectly happy cat. She runs up and down stairs too. She is a bit wobbly but that’s to be expected – just watch your step.

This was when I first got her. She’s been through the mills on surgeries bless her.

Ninja and Georgie get on really well now. They touch noses and everything. There’s still a little jealousy but they love each now – thank god!

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