Dupe Special ✨

My beauty/skincare products are a mixture of pricey (not high end tho) and cheap n cheerful. I love to find high street bargains that rival the more expensive brands.

Most of my staple skincare brands are by the cheap brands I.e Superdrug, Lidl, Aldi. I add to it with other higher end brands.

Clockwise: First up is the Lidl perfume ‘Suddenly Madame Glamour’. This costs a mere £3 and it smells just like the Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. Can’t go wrong with £3.

Next is the Aldi No 4 Freesia and Pear hand wash. This costs £2.34 and it has an Jo Malone vibe, along with the No 1 candle, which is £2.99. I buy the Aldi candles in bulk because they all smell amazing, with a cheep price tag.

The Aldi Lacura Beautifying daily balm is a must have. It’s very similar to the Clarins flash balm but at a fraction of the price. This balm actually works. Price is a few quid – what a bargain!

Last but at no means least is the Aldi Charcoal mud mask, which costs £4-5. I use this 1-2 times a week and it’s bloody lovely. I always feel like Arnie in Predator when I’m wearing that mask. You know the scene when he covers himself in mud to avoid the predators heat detector? That’s the one.

Aldi have recently released in their special buys a BB cream (around £2.50) and a Lacura Purifying Pink Clay Mask, which comes with a application brush – extremely similar to the Sand and Sky beauty brand, which is high end. I’ve been loving the ease of using BB creams in replace of foundation. Not only does it make your look more natural, it also cuts down beautifying time.

Another dupe is the Superdrug Miss So… ? Love Potion perfume. It smells extremely similar to the YSL Black Opium perfume, which I love. Again, this was super cheap around £5. Don’t get me wrong, I love expensive perfume but I’m not a perfume snob so I like to mix it up with high street brands.

Happy shopping!

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