Glow Up Tings ✨

Recently I have been trying a few beauty products that are supposed to illuminate your skin. Anything to adds a pow 💪to my face, I’m up for.

First up is the Aldi Beautifying Balm, which is a few quid. This is an absolute bargain! You don’t replace this with your moisturiser, it’s in addition. I apply my normal skincare routine and wait a good 20mins before I apply a small amount in my face. I give it a good rub in and focus on the top half of my face. It definitely adds a glow and I often add this when I’m not wearing make up. This has been compared to the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm because of its packaging but to be fair, it’s a really good product.

Next up is the M&S Skin Remedy Brightening face mask for £12.You can use this bad boy 1-2 times a week. Simply add this to a cleansed face for 10 mins and wash off. This is one of my fave masks 🎭 ever! I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror and taking selfies when I use this.

Now it’s not all about the face. I like my body to glow too. I recently purchased the Nuxe hair and body oil in duty free. Ive seen these for sale in TKMAXX and Look Fantastic often have good discounts. This oil comes in a shimmer version, which I’ll be getting once I’ve used this up. It takes about 30mins for the oil to soak in and then you’re all oiled up and ready to go. It smells and looks amazing. It’s a weekend treat for me.

Happy glowing lovelies! ✨

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