The Wonderful Robot Restaurant πŸ€–

I went to the wonderful Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. I had heard mixed reviews on the place but I must say, it’s one of the most fun and beautiful places I’ve been too. I think it’s the locals that don’t like the place. Now think neon and sparkle selfie heaven mixed with Taylor Swift and that’s what you get.

My single ticket without a ‘meal’ was around Β£40. Defo preorder because even with a preorder, it’s a good 20min queue to get in. If your showing is for 19:30, defo get there a good 30mins earlier. And when I say ‘meal’ I mean popcorn. Eat before or afterwards because the food is limited and you will go hungry. But don’t worry too much, they serve plenty of drink and popcorn.

Every room and stairway is beautifully decorated. I went by myself and it was wonderful. You will be constantly drinking and/or taking selfies of yourself with the decor and this is before you’ve even sat down to watch the show. They even put on a live band while you wait for your slot. It kinda reminded me of the 5,6,7,8 Japanese band in Kill Bill. You get to see photos of celebs that have visited like Katy Perry etc on the walls.

You get a tiny break between the show to get drink or go to the loo etc. Even the toilets are sparkled up. Below is my standard toilet selfie.

The actual show is very random but for some me reason, it really works. Loud music is played and the majority of is music that you will know like Taylor Swift. I wonder if she knows that her song is part of their act. She should feel privileged if you ask me. Everyone in the audience (including me) went crazy when her song Shake it off was played.

Don’t forget to get a photo of yourself on the giant robot seats. Strangers are more than happy to take your pic if you ask. Personally, I asked local people rather than tourists. Because of the neon lights, check that your pic has come out ok before your photographer leaves πŸ™‚ I had mine taking a few from different positions to be safe. And yes, I expected nothing less.

And would I go there again, hell yeah!

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