The Kawaii Monster Cafe Concoction

The Kawaii Monster Cafe is located in Shibuya. It was a little hard to find but it may have been me and my poor sense of direction. It took me a good 20 minutes to find it and I had walked past it a billion times but I blame the hidden stairway.

This place is a feast to the eyes. Not only is the deco kitted out to the max, the staff and food are also on the same crazy level. Unfortunately it was quite hard to take photos because it’s pitch black with neon lights and you know what the iPhone is like in those conditions.

During your ‘meal’, a brief show is put on and it’s worth going up to watch. Some victims, oh I mean customers get taken on stage to dance along with the staff. I would have been totally up for that but I was stone cold sober. Next time Kawaii Monster Cafe – I will be on that stage with bells on.

They staff are beautifully and quirky dressed. I’d love a job like that! The gal below kinda reminds me of the woman from the Mr Brightside video because of her candy floss hair.

You get two menus, which separate the food from the drink. Unfortunately a lot of items had sold out, which was a bummer. I just got an alcohol cocktail concoction… it was kinda like a pound of sugar mixed with fruit and juice. When I’m on holiday, calories go out the window.

Now back to the menu. I had read some bad reviews about the taste of the food. To be honest tho, I can kinda understand it. If you’re going to get a bright blue eyeball looking burger, I would expect it to look amazing but taste super gross. This place is defo worth a visit but keep your standards realistic about the taste of the food. This is a fun time restaurant rather than quality food.

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