Funtime at Tokyo Skytree and Mall

One must visit the Tokyo Skytree and also the mall that comes with it. Tokyo Skytree is the second tallest buildings in the world. You can book online to save yourself from queuing for tickets, and the price was around £21. I’m not about the queuing life so I pre-booked.

Tokyo Skytree:

Absolutely amazing views. I went just before sunset to get the most of the experience. You go up in a very quick lift and get to see the beauty. I would go back there again for sure.

Tokyo Skytree Mall:

Love love love this shopping mall. There’s many shopping floors so you can shop until you drop. There’s also shops on the ground floor that lead up to the mall. Now these shops are the nuggets of shopping heaven. There’s kids shops, that sell the most cute kids bath bombs that come with hidden toys and there’s many choices.

Just look at these amazing plants and holders. I couldn’t leave without a little dinosaur pot. I would have got plants but I’d have to go through the hassle of declaring and I couldn’t be bothered.

There’s also a pet store that’s 100% worth a visit. Go see! I really, really wanted that pink fish 🐠

Who remembers these little monkeys? I cannot believe they are still doing the rounds and whoever is responsible for this, I would like to thank you 👊

Getting my geek on.

Again getting my geek on but feeling a bit uncomfortable with the geekiness level. I’m in Japan and so even shameful photos are still cool because I’m in frigging Japan 🇯🇵

In the malls there’s a McDonalds. Many levels of floors, which include shops for food, clothes and toys etc. Absolutely visit the Tokyo Skytree and shops. I will be going back there for sure!

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