Kyoto Beauty

My heart belongs to Tokyo but I do try to visit other parts of Japan. I took the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto for a brief visit. Kyoto is known as old school Japan. It’s defo worth a visit there during Cherry Blossom season. Now the bullet train is quite expensive but it’s worth it because it’s as fast as a bullet and you’re living your best life right? For awareness, some carriages have smoking areas and socket plugs. They are all clean and you can buy snacks etc.

My main attraction was the Fushimi Inari Shinre. You know, the orange pillar place! My lovely friend Josh suggested going there just before sunset. This was so that I had daylight going up and sunset as I walked down. Oh how I do regret not doing that. I decided to go there at peak time, on a very hot day. Obvs I don’t regret it but it would have been cooler heat wise. Anywho, back to the blog. It was AMAZING. So many picturesque views, think Selfie heaven. And if you’re going solo don’t worry, there will be plenty of other people taking selfies with no shame.

Just look at that 👆 unbelievable.

At the top, you will not only get to see loads of shrines, but also the breathtaking views.

On the way back down, there are exit signs so follow them. I didn’t not because I thought I knew better – don’t do this. I ignored an exit sign and made my own personal way back home. This involved going down beaten paths, also known as the decency route. Luckily it was daylight and other silly solo travellers ended up following me. I felt like I was on survivor or something. We got lost but found our way out to freedom. It was quite fun really and it made me giggle that others followed me when I have no sense for direction. We ended exiting by some local homes, that lead out to the main entrance.

How bootiful is that home! Surely Mr Miyagi lives here! They even take pride in their rubbish bins. It is a truly magical place. I know what you’re thinking… did she take photos of rubbish? And yes, I really did.

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