Japanese Faves

Japan is well known for being a great shopping experience. This shopping heaven destination offers amazing beauty products, clothes, trainers etc. You can also get your hands on beauty supplements, hangover cures, quirky home-wear etc. Your shopping experience is unlimited.

Below are some of my fave purchases. I have mentioned those pills before, shown in the photo. I keep mentioning them because they were a life saver for me when I had awful jet lag mixed with hangovers.

Japan offers such cuteness with their products. The yellow bear pocket mirror is adorable. I got my nieces one each, and of course I had to get myself one too.

In case you are wondering where I got the beautiful textured orange stand from, it’s from Molcrete https://www.molcrete.com/ I’m loving their artful appreciation for concrete πŸ™‚

Other items worth looking for are Japanese fans. A lot of places sell these however if you are shopping on a budget, head to a Dasio store. Dasio stores are the Japanese version of the Pound Shop.

Another holiday present that’s worth considering is a lighter πŸ™‚ cheap as chips but exclusive. I like to get a lighter for every holiday I go on.

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