Nomakenolife Beauty Box Review

Nomakenolife offer Korean/Japanese beauty boxes, which ships abroad including the UK. You can purchase boxes for 1 month, 3 month etc. And it worked out to be around £24 per month. Of course this peaks the interest of Korean and Japanese beauty lovers like myself.

I needed my Japanese beauty hit and so purchased beauty boxes for over a 3 month period. As soon as I placed my online order, I felt my Japanese joy erupt. I was going to be getting new Japanese goodies on a monthly basis.

Full items are provided, which is great.

Pros ❤️

– I got my Japanese/Korean beauty fix.

– You get quite a few full size items.

– I love hand creams and I got a few of these.

– Cute items & cute packaging.

– Delivered within agreed timescales. – It puts on smile on my face when I see it’s arrived.

Cons 🧟‍♀️

– Items can be repetitive (hand creams).

– Expensive beauty box (over £20) and I’m very doubtful that the items are worth anywhere near that amount (check the postage details).

– I’ve heard quite a lot of negative feedback on the company I.e sending out of date face sheet masks, poor customer service provided, being charged for more boxes without consent.

My overview is that the beauty box is fun & a treat. Although I’m glad to have purchased a subscription to No Make No Life beauty box, I’m happy that it’s for a brief time only.

Nomakenolife will continue to charge you unless you cancel the subscription. You cancel online via your account

My fave beauty box is the Look Fantastic one, and I won’t be giving this one up anytime soon. This box makes you want to buy the full size items, whereas the No Make No Life does not.

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