Shopping in Portugal

I recently popped over to Faro, Portugal for a mini break by myself. I was sold on the place when I was told that the weather is lovely, it has amazing shops and footballers reside over there.

Faro is bootiful and defo worth a visit! This was my view 👆

Drink prices are fair because they don’t measure the booze. Large glasses of double gin were around £6.

Surprising there are a few outlets in Faro. I went to the Mar shopping mall in Algarve, Faro. This had indoor shops and an outlet right next to it. The outlet was nice but I didn’t purchase anything. As I walked around, it reminded me of the outlets in Orlando. The Mar shopping mall was nice but you’ll only spend 1-2hrs there at a push. They have an Sephora branch, which was worth the visit. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me take photos in the shop, the party poopers. They also have Primark.

I stumbled across a store called Stenders, which is a bath and body care cosmetic shop. It is a bootiful shop, which is worth a visit. Their products smell amazing and they are decorated beautifully. I was so impressed with the shop, I went a bit mental with taking lots of photos 🙂

Portugal appreciates cats. As a cat lover, I pick up on these things.

Night time in Faro was fun. Whenever I go on holiday solo, I hunt down the local karaoke bar & I did the same this time. I googled ‘karaoke near me’, which took me to an Irish bar (there’s always one). I sung my go to song ‘I have nothing’ by Whitney and I drove the crowd wild. I can’t sing but I sure as hell pretend that I can. I can still picture it now.. a full bar, which seemed to ground to a halt when I was singing the high notes.

Faro has UBER! And it seems super cheap compared to the UK. I used UBER a few times, which included an airport run. Defo worth using UBER out there as it will save you money.

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