World Meet Janice

I am a beauty/skincare addict and Janice goes against everything I stand for…why you ask. Janice has no beauty routine yet has baby soft porcelain skin, wrinkle free and spot free andddd to top it off, she’s 50!

My beauty routine is to cleanse (sometimes double), double tone, moisturise and add face oil. Whereas Janice, leaves her make up on overnight every night, doesn’t cleanse, tone or moisturise. She just about uses a baby wipe to wash her face yet her skin remains perfect. And she’s a smoker, heavy drinker (not alcoholic I swear🤞) and she stays up late.

And she also has lovely long shiny, shiny hair. She doesn’t take vitamins, eat her breakfast or do exercise. Ok ok, she’s recently started exercising but I think you catch my drift.

Look at that glowing skin! I’m jel!! The moral of this short blog is, sometimes you are just born with great genes like Janice and no beauty routine is required. I take my hat off to you Janice!

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