Holiday Nails πŸ’…

Whenever I go on holiday, I like to buy at least one beauty product from my destination. Does anyone else do this? It’s because I may have discovered an underrated best beauty product ever.

I have purchased a few nail polishes from The Face Shop, in Japan – see below ‘Trendy Nails’. They are chip resistant slightly longer compared to polishes like Topshop (love Topshop).

When I have been away on beach holidays (Spain, Grab Canaria etc) , my nail polish melts… it’s super annoying! I think it’s the mixture of heat and sun cream. I googled how to avoid this pain, and I read about certain well know brands, that are supposed to work well under these conditions. I wasn’t near any shops that would sell the well known brands so I popped in the local supermarket. It had occurred to me that these really hot countries would have nail polish, fit for their own country. Local supermarket brands are super cheap – I’m talking a few quid. I stock up so that I can avoid Nail Polish Gate. So next time you go away, do check out the local supermarkets for nail polish πŸ’…

Below are the ‘Gabrini’ polishes that are great in the sun β˜€οΈ

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