Attention All Catwomen and Catmen

I am a cat lover and I own two beauties called Georgie and Ninja. I would give my last breath to save them… dramatic I know. Both are rescue cats.

Japan absolutely adores cats too and it’s one of the many reasons I heart the place.

Harajuku sells lots of cat clothing… it is cool. I don’t care what anyone says.

I think the below bags were from Nakano Broadwalk. These are funny & kinda cool and I’m regretting not getting the big cat face.

Lucky cats are a big business in Japan, and rightly so because they are cute. Below are the color meanings… in other words, you need to buy all of them. Neko is the Japanese name for Cat.

White: Happiness

Pink: Attracts love and romance

Black: Protection from illness

Gold: Invites wealth and prosperity

Blue/Green: Academic success

Red: Protects against Evil

There are many cat cafes dotted around Tokyo. Towards the end of my holidays in Tokyo, I start to get cat withdrawal because I’m missing my cats. To help me get through this pain, I’ll pop into the cafes to get my Cat Fix. Just to warn you though, it looks like the cats either have no claws or they are really filed down… see below cute cafe cat pictures I took, to cheer yourself up.

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