Tokyo: Nakano Broadway is the place to be

I have ventured to Nakano Broadway many, many times and it’s because there are lots of treasures. If you want to get a cheap but great massage, go to Nakano.

Don’t forget to bring your passport so that you can get the tax free tourist discount! I believe there is a minimum on the tax free allowance, which is approx £50.

Geek Central:

There are so so many shops to fill your geeky boots. This includes toys, magazines, books and posters etc.

You will end up buying loads so be warned. You can also pick up postcards. I don’t care what anyone says, postcards are cool!

Beauty Products:

There are some big drug stores, for you to fulfill your needs.

Sweet Products:

There are sweet stalls that sell lots of cute Japanese sweets and of course the famous weird KitKat flavors.


There are nice friendly restaurants to try, for when you need to rest your shopped out legs.

Designer Watch Central:

I mentioned in an earlier post about the good deals you can get on designer watches. Try the shops in Nakano because they are close together. The Watch Company is a good shout!

Cat Toys:

There is a tiny shop that sells great cat toys. I always pickup some for my cats. The owner speaks English and she has visited the UK before.

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