Shopping in Japan: Myths and Facts

Shopping in Japan is amazing. I was led to believe that certain products would be super cheap, but it was lies. Below is a summary of what’s worth shopping for and what isn’t cheap.

A lot of the shops will gift wrap your shopping (for free). The attention to detail in the wrapping is amazing. It’s almost too good to open.

Beauty Products:

Naturally, Japanese beauty products are a bit cheaper because of not paying the shipping cost etc. You will also have a lot more choice of variety.

Clothing and Accessories:

Clothing and accessories are not cheaper, maybe more expensive. You will be able to buy items that you probably couldn’t back home. Very cool clothes are available here! There’s a good variety of clothing, I’m talking designer (weird and wonderful), highstreet, market clothing, thrift shops and vintage.

Weird and wonderful

Geek Items:

Oh yes, these seem to be cheaper. So so much choice here. Geek heaven!! Some (rare) items will be more expensive. There are toy machines, where you can insert cash for eggs of toys at a bargain price. Great pressies for any kids & yourself of course. Happy shopping here.



Trainers seems to be the same price, if not more however certain trainers are more exclusive to Japan. If you ask me, that’s worth paying a little more! See my blog ‘Trainer shopping’, for further details.

Food and Drink:

Food and drink is cheaper than the UK. I am comparing the prices to Canary Wharf 😊 The Japanese sweets, Plum Wine are with stocking up on.


Designer watches are cheaper here! I’m talking, hundreds cheaper. So take advantage if you can! Tips on this is to google the area you’ll be visiting, for watch shops and check out their website. Also check that the website offers translating to English, as that will indicate that the shop will have English speaking staff. Personally, I would look on the shops website first and contact (email) them ahead of visiting the shop. This is so that you can potentially look at reserving a watch.

Nakano Broadwalk has many watch shops. I purchased a watch from The Watch Company, and the watch was put on hold ahead of purchasing. The customer service over email was very good and also in the shop. Staff did speak English. And you also get the Tax free discount added if you provide your passport. The watch purchased is 🙌 and it was a good deal! Rose at the shop was lovely!

The Watch Company at Nakano


Cigarettes are cheaper here! Works out approx £3.50 a packet. Smoking is bad.


Unfortunately electronics and gadgets are not cheaper here. Don’t assume that Japan will have a lot more up to date technology than back home.

Phone Cases:

Again, unfortunately another myth. You are better off buying online e.g eBay etc.

Pound Shops:

Japan does have their own kinda pound shop and it’s called Dasio. It’s actually a pretty nice shop. Very good for buying holiday gifts. You can even pickup instant Ramon.

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